A coupled model on energy conversion in laser power beaming

  title={A coupled model on energy conversion in laser power beaming},
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Experimental Study on the Damage of Optical Materials by out of Band Composite Laser
For the paper, experimental studies were performed on the damage of the Ge- and Si-based flat window by lasers out-of-band. The experimental results showed that lasers out-of-band can cause film
Temperature impact on parameters of In0.3Ga0.7As PV cell under laser irradiation condition
The parameters of In0.3Ga0.7As PV cell applied in laser wireless power transmission (LWPT) system dependence on temperature was investigated at a temperature range of 5-90°C under 100mW/cm2 laser
Optimal Path Configuration with Coded Laser Pilots for Charging Electric Vehicles Using High Intensity Laser Power Beams
Wireless power transmission (WPT) for wireless charging has been gaining wide attention as a promising approach to miniaturizing the battery size and increasing the maximal total range of an electric
Resonant Beam Communications
The numerical results show that RBCom can achieve 9 Gbit/s with 200 mW received optical power, which seems to connect the transmitter and the receiver with a mobile “wireless optical fiber”.
Power generation for wearable systems
The mechanisms, figures of merit, and systems for wearable power generation are reviewed in this article. Future perspectives lie in breakthrough technologies of fiber electronics, fully printable,


Responses of Thin Film Photovoltaic Cell to Irradiation under Double Laser Beams of Different Wavelength
During the process of Laser beam long-range energy transmission based on the photovoltaic principle, the temperature elevation of the photovoltaic cell under Laser irradiation would greatly affect
Photovoltaic receivers for laser beamed power in space
  • G. Landis
  • Physics
    The Conference Record of the Twenty-Second IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference - 1991
  • 1991
One of the most promising beamed power concepts uses a laser beam to transmit power to a remote photovoltaic array. Large lasers can be located on cloud-free sites at one or more ground locations,
Preliminary demonstration of power beaming with non-coherent laser diode arrays
A preliminary demonstration of free-space electric power transmission has been conducted using non-coherent laser diode arrays as the transmitter and standard silicon photovoltaic cell arrays as the
Effect of Temperature on Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conversion
Photovoltaic solar energy conversion is investigated theoretically over a temperature range of 0–400°C using semiconductor materials with band gaps varying from 0.7 to 2.4 ev. Three cases are