A correspondence between ALGOL 60 and Church's Lambda-notations: Part II

  title={A correspondence between ALGOL 60 and Church's Lambda-notations: Part II},
  author={Peter J. Landin},
  journal={Commun. ACM},

Approaches to Functional I/O

This paper discusses the approaches used by three well-known functional languages, OCaml, Haskell and Clean, and discusses the key issues raised by their use, by implementing a demonstration program in each language.

Understanding Programming Languages

syntax BlocksProgram :: body : Stmt

Details : The history of programming language semantics : an overview

The history of programming language semantics is explored by considering the history of model-based approaches to describing programming languages, with a particular focus on the IBM Laboratory Vienna under Heinz Zemanek, and the Programming Research Group at Oxford University under Christopher Strachey.

The history of Standard ML

The early history of ML, the subsequent efforts to define a standard ML language, and the development of its major features and its formal definition are covered.

Cultures of Programming

  • Computer Science, Sociology
  • 2019
Using the prism of cultures of programming to look at the history of computing sheds a new light at the controversies and the development of technical artifacts that are discussed in this paper.

SCHOOL OF COMPUTING Title : Challenges for semantic description : Comparing responses from the main approaches Names :

There are interesting overlaps between the responses of operational, axiomatic and denotational approaches to the challenges posed by the language concepts: these similarities are exposed even where accidental details often disguise them.

Non-idempotent typing operators, beyond the lambda-calculus. (Opérateurs de typage non-idempotents, au delà du lambda-calcul)

  • P. Vial
  • Philosophy, Computer Science
  • 2017
Il est necessaire d'introduire conjointement un systeme ( systeme S) de types infinis utilisant une intersection que nous qualifions de sequentielle, et un critere de validite servant a se debarrasser des preuves degenerees auxquelles les grammaires coinductives de types donnent naissance.

Data layout types : a type-based approach to automatic data layout transformations for improved SIMD vectorisation

This thesis considers a compiler for a programming language that allows every data structure in a program to have its own data layout, and solves a problem of automatic data layout reconstruction.

Lambda Calculus with Regular Types

It is proved that types are preserved by reduction, and that there exist no infinite reduction sequences starting at typed terms (strong normalization).

Replication is Recursion; or, Lambda: the Biological Imperative

The following discussion will present enough of the mathematics to allow biologists to make sense of the symmetries in the logo, and mathematicians will learn nothing new about biology, but may be encouraged to look at biological processes from a new perspective.