A core hSSB1-INTS complex participates in the DNA damage response.

  title={A core hSSB1-INTS complex participates in the DNA damage response.},
  author={Feng Zhang and Teng Ma and Xiaochun Yu},
  journal={Journal of cell science},
  volume={126 Pt 21},
Human single-stranded DNA-binding protein 1 (hSSB1) plays an important role in the DNA damage response and the maintenance of genomic stability. It has been shown that the core hSSB1 complex contains hSSB1, INTS3 and C9orf80. Using protein affinity purification, we have identified integrator complex subunit 6 (INTS6) as a major subunit of the core hSSB1 complex. INTS6 forms a stable complex with INTS3 and hSSB1 both in vitro and in vivo. In this complex, INTS6 directly interacts with INTS3. In… CONTINUE READING
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