A copy-number mutant of plasmid pSC101.

  title={A copy-number mutant of plasmid pSC101.},
  author={Guo-ling Xia and Danielle Manen and Timothy S. Goebel and Patrick Linder and Gordon G Churchward and Lucien G. Caro},
  journal={Molecular microbiology},
  volume={5 3},
Copy-number mutants of plasmid pSC101 were isolated by u.v. mutagenesis and selection for elevated expression of ampicillin resistance. Three independent mutations were identical and mapped in codon 93 of the initiation protein RepA. The mutated plasmids were maintained at a level four to five times higher than that of the wild type. For one of them, it was determined that: (i) the mRNA of the autoregulated repA gene, cloned onto a pUC19 plasmid under the control of its own promoter, was… CONTINUE READING