[A copro-parasitological study on the wrestlers of the national team].


This copro-parasitological research was made on the 18 wrestlers of the national team in the Talas training camp in Kayseri, The majority of them came to our laboratory with gastro-intestinal complaint such as nausea colicky pains anorexia and dyspepsia and other complaints such as exhaustion and fatigue and 16 of them were found infested with one or more than one parasites. As a result of our coprologic examination finding parasites and their infection rate were: Entamoeba histolytica (50%), Entamoeba coli (16,6%), iodamoeba bütschlii (16,6%), Endolimax nana (11,1%), Giardia lamblia (11,1%), Enteromonas hominis (11,1%) Ascaris lumbricoides (5,5%) and Hymenolepis nana (5,5%). It has been indicated that, 11 of total wrestlers were found infected with one kind, 4 of them were found infected with two kinds and 1 was found infested with three kinds parasites.

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