A coordination language for collective agent based systems: GroupLog

  title={A coordination language for collective agent based systems: GroupLog},
  author={Fernanda Barbosa and J. Cunha},
  booktitle={SAC '00},
  • Fernanda Barbosa, J. Cunha
  • Published in SAC '00 2000
  • Computer Science
  • We describe a language providing concepts for modeling autonomous entities (agents) and cooperating entities (groups). Agents axe the execution units of a GroupLog program. Each agent possesses a hidden internal behavior and a welldefined communications interface and its behavior is defined by a set of loEical rules. Groups are important to model agent cooperation in a flexible and well-structured manner and to hide low-level management of coordination activities. In the paper we give an… CONTINUE READING

    Topics from this paper.

    Coordination in utility managed multi-agent groups
    Negotiation via co-operation and competition in ALIAS
    JGroupSpace: Combining shared spaces and groups


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