A contribution to the study of taxa differentiation in cestode taxonomy

  title={A contribution to the study of taxa differentiation in cestode taxonomy},
  author={S. K. Malhotra and S. Dixit and V. Capoor},
  journal={Proceedings: Animal Sciences},
A new approach for differentiating between different groups of individuals on the basis of statistical evaluation of pairs of attributes (each member belonging to different group) is proposed. The “polythetic divisive ” classificatory method is employed. The methods discussed may prove helpful in establishing precise interspecific variations as also the variability amongst various higher taxa in cestode taxonomy thus contributing a support in the direction of revision attempts of future workers… Expand
Nematode fauna of high altitude avian hosts in Garhwal Himalayan Ecosystems I. Eustrongylides spinispiculum n. sp. and revised key to the species of genus Eustrongylides Jagerskiold (1909).
Analysis of variance has been applied as a new tool for precise substantiation of taxometric differences between Eustrongylides spinispiculum n. sp. and close species, as indicated by the polytheticExpand
Cestode Fauna Of Hill-Stream Fishes In Garhwal Himalayas, India.
  • S. K. Malhotra
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Kisaengch'unghak chapchi. The Korean journal of parasitology
  • 1983
Ptychobothrium nayarensis n. sp. has been described from two hill-stream fishes, Barilius bola(Ham.) and Schizothorax richardsonii(Gray) at 325~750 mASL. The new species has been compared with closeExpand
Morphotaxometry of a New Roundworm Heterakis equispiculis n.sp. (Nematoda: Heterakidae) from Rodents of Bundelkhand Region at Uttar Pradesh, India
  • S. Upadhyay
  • Biology
  • Proceedings of the Zoological Society
  • 2017
The two years consecutive study were conducted on the wild rodents, Rattus rattus (Rodentia: Muridae) from different urban locality of Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, India, for the investigation ofExpand
Taxometric analysis of helminthes of marine fishes. 1. Pedunculacetabulum spinatum n.sp., from Chorinemus mandetta and Wenyonia rhincodonti n.sp., from Rhincodon typus
The investigations include report of two new worms from marine fishes of Central West Coast of Goa in Arabian Sea and detailed evidence of taxometric significance to reinstate this genus of genus Pedunculacetabulum Yamaguti. Expand
A New Species of Neyraplectana Ballesteros Marquez, 1945 (Oxyuridae: Cosmocercinae) From Intestine of Bull Frog, Rana tigrina Anura:
A new species of oxyuridean nematodes, Neyraplectana fatehpurensis n.sp (Oxyuridae: Cosmocercinae) has been collected from small intestine of bull frog, Rana tigrina in North India during one year uninterrupted investigation and substantiated by the application of polythetic divisive classificatory system. Expand
Ecological morphotaxometry of trematodes of garfish (Teleostomi: Belonidae) from Gangetic riverine ecosystem in India. I. Morphology and taxometric assessment of Cephalogonimus yamunii n.sp.
A new endoparasitic fluke, Cephalogonimus yamunii n.sp. is described from the intestine of freshwater fish Xenentodon cancilla (Belonidae). The worms could be differentiated from C. amphiumaeExpand
Morphotaxonomy , Histopathology and Population Dynamics of Natural Enoplid Infections in Wild Rat , Rattus rattus of Eastern Uttar Pradesh , India
Rodents are shared primary or intermediate or paratenic hosts for number of helminthes fauna and may serve as valuable indicators for assessing the occurrence, level of environmental contaminationExpand


A study of the benthos of soft bottoms, Sek Harbour, New Guinea, using numerical analysis
While it was expected that in these warm waters there would be a heterogeneous biota with indefinite "community patterns", the situation was relatively simple, data were of such complexity to be ideally suited for a comparative study of methods of numerical analysis. Expand
Summary This pilot study tests numerical grouping techniques on data obtained from dredge sampling to see whether such methods might be useful tools in the analysis of marine distribution patternsExpand
Computer Analyses of Petersen's Original Data on Bottom Communities
The authors' "numbers" and "weights" classifications both reveal Petersen—type communities, but they differ markedly from each other and more markedly still from Petersen's results. Expand
A numerical analysis of changes in the soft-bottom fauna along a transect across false bay, South Africa
It is concluded that the influence of sediment-type in False Bay modifies a more general depth zonation and the exclusive and most abundant species in each of the six faunistic groups are mentioned and the results supplemented with data from SCUBA diving and dredging. Expand
An Ordination of the Upland Forest Communities of Southern Wisconsin
It is shown that nature of unit variation is a naajor problenl in systematies, and that whether this variation is diserete, continuous, or in some other form, there is a need for appliGation of (uantitative and statistical methods. Expand
The Construction of Hierarchic and Non-Hierarchic Classifications
A theoretical framework within which the properties of cluster methods, which operate on data in the form of a dissimilarity coefficient on a set of objects, may be discussed is outlined. Expand
Discrimination and Classification
  • D. Hand
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • 1981
Presents different approaches to discrimination and classification problems from a statistical perspective. Provides computer projects concentrating on the most widely used and important algorithms,Expand
A General Theory of Classificatory Sorting Strategies: 1. Hierarchical Systems
It is shown that the computational behaviour of a hierarchical sorting-strategy depends on three properties, which are established for five conventional strategies and four measures. The conventionalExpand
The Problem of Pattern.
A Review of Classification