A contribution to particle size distribution functions

  title={A contribution to particle size distribution functions},
  author={G{\'e}za Tarj{\'a}n},
The conversion of the following two-parameter size distribution functions from the form y = f(x) into the form y = f(x/x50) = f(D) is described (Gates - Gaudin - Schumann, Gaudin - Meloy, Rosin - Rammler - Sperling, Kolmogoroff - Gaussian). Modifying the converted Gates - Gaudin - Schumann function y = 0.5bm for the range y > 0.5 (i.e. b > 1) to y = 1 − 0.5b−m results in an easy to handle function with a high degree of correspondence to the more complicated K-function. 


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