A contour method for time-fractional PDEs and an application to fractional viscoelastic beam equations

  title={A contour method for time-fractional PDEs and an application to fractional viscoelastic beam equations},
  author={Matthew J. Colbrook and Lorna J. Ayton},
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Efficient computation of the Wright function and its applications to fractional diffusion-wave equations
In this article, we deal with the efficient computation of the Wright function in the cases of interest for the expression of solutions of some fractional differential equations. The proposed
Computing spectral properties of topological insulators without artificial truncation or supercell approximation
These tools completely avoid such artificial restrictions and allow one to probe the spectral properties of the infinitedimensional operator directly, even in the presence of material defects and disorder.


Numerical solution via Laplace transforms of a fractional order evolution equation
We consider the discretization in time if a fractional order diffusion equation. The approximation is based on a further development of the approach of using Laplace transformation to represent the
Maximum-norm error analysis of a numerical solution via Laplace transformation and quadrature of a fractional-order evolution equation
In a previous paper, McLean & Thomee (2009, J. Integr. Equ. Appl. (to appear)), we studied three numerical methods for the discretization in time of a fractional-order evolution equation in a Banach
Solving time-fractional differential equation via rational approximation
The adaptive Antoulas–Anderson (AAA) algorithm is used for the rational approximation of the kernel spectrum which yields only a small number of real valued poles, and a numerical scheme based on this idea is proposed and applied to a time-fractional Cahn-Hilliard problem.
On an explicit finite difference method for fractional diffusion equations
The forward time centered space (FTCS) method is combined with the Grunwald-Letnikov definition of the fractional derivative operator to obtain an explicit fractional FTCS scheme for solving the fractionAL diffusion equation, amenable to a stability analysis a la von Neumann.
Fractional Spectral Collocation Method
A new family of interpolants are introduced, called fractional Lagrange interpolants, which satisfy the Kronecker delta property at collocation points and are developed as an exponentially accurate fractional spectral collocation method for solving steady-state and time-dependent fractional PDEs (FPDEs).
Error Estimates for a Semidiscrete Finite Element Method for Fractional Order Parabolic Equations
This work considers the initial boundary value problem for a homogeneous time-fractional diffusion equation with an initial condition $v(x)$ and a homogeneity Dirichlet boundary condition in a bounded convex polygonal domain $\Omega$ and establishes almost optimal with respect to the data regularity error estimates.
Application of radial basis functions and sinc method for solving the forced vibration of fractional viscoelastic beam
In this paper, the forced vibrations of the fractional viscoelastic beam with the Kelvin-Voigt fractional order constitutive relationship is studied. The equation of motion is derived from Newton’s