A content-context-centric approach for detecting vandalism in Wikipedia

  title={A content-context-centric approach for detecting vandalism in Wikipedia},
  author={Lakshmish Ramaswamy and Raga Sowmya Tummalapenta and Kang Li and Calton Pu},
  journal={9th IEEE International Conference on Collaborative Computing: Networking, Applications and Worksharing},
Collaborative online social media (CSM) applications such as Wikipedia have not only revolutionized the World Wide Web, but they also have had a hugely positive effect on modern free societies. Unfortunately, Wikipedia has also become target to a wide-variety of vandalism attacks. Most existing vandalism detection techniques rely upon simple textual features such as existence of abusive language or spammy words. These techniques are ineffective against sophisticated vandal edits, which often do… CONTINUE READING

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