A conserved function for pericentromeric satellite DNA

  title={A conserved function for pericentromeric satellite DNA},
  author={Madhav Jagannathan and Ryan Cummings and Y. Yamashita},
  • Madhav Jagannathan, Ryan Cummings, Y. Yamashita
  • Published 2018
  • Biology, Medicine
  • eLife
  • A universal and unquestioned characteristic of eukaryotic cells is that the genome is divided into multiple chromosomes and encapsulated in a single nucleus. However, the underlying mechanism to ensure such a configuration is unknown. Here, we provide evidence that pericentromeric satellite DNA, which is often regarded as junk, is a critical constituent of the chromosome, allowing the packaging of all chromosomes into a single nucleus. We show that the multi-AT-hook satellite DNA-binding… CONTINUE READING
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