A conservative interface-interaction method for compressible multi-material flows

  title={A conservative interface-interaction method for compressible multi-material flows},
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Front capturing by level set method for the reactive Euler equations

In this article, we present a front capturing method for compressible reactive flows, where a shock tracking technique is applied with level set method. In stiff reaction problems, the difficulty

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Multi-scale modeling of compressible multi-fluid flows with conservative interface method

One important issue associated with the complexity of dynamically evolving material interface is the scale-dependent dynamics which implies very different physical phenomena depending on the

A conservative interface method for compressible flows

A fluid-mixture type algorithm for compressible multicomponent flow with Mie-Grüneisen equation of state

Several numerical results are presented that show the feasibility of the method with the Roe Riemann solver as applied to a reasonable class of practical problems without introducing any spurious oscillations in the pressure near the interfaces.

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A new numerical method for treating interfaces in Eulerian schemes that maintains a Heaviside profile of the density with no numerical smearing along the lines of earlier work and most Lagrangian schemes is proposed.