A confirmatory remote viewing experiment in a group setting

  title={A confirmatory remote viewing experiment in a group setting},
  author={A. Hastings and D. B. Hurt},
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A remote viewing experiment was conducted with a group of 36 persons who successfully identified, without apparent sensory communication, a target location chosen randomly and visited by two observers (p = 6 × 10-7). Success is partly attributed to procedures designed to facilitate remote viewing abilities: asking participants to give themselves permission to have the ability, forming the group into two-person teams of viewer and coach, discussing resistances, and giving instructions on… Expand
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The persistent paradox of psychic phenomena: An engineering perspective
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  • Psychology
  • Proceedings of the IEEE
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Information and uncertainty in remote perception research.
There has been a striking diminution of the anomalous yield that appears to be associated with the participants' growing attention to, and dependence upon, the progressively more detailed descriptor formats and with the corresponding reduction in the content of the accompanying free-response transcripts. Expand
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