A conceptual replication and extension of erving goffman's study of gender advertisements

  title={A conceptual replication and extension of erving goffman's study of gender advertisements},
  author={Penny Belknap and Wilbert M. Leonard},
  journal={Sex Roles},
The analysis of visual imagery in magazine advertising can be approached directly or indirectly insofar as gender messages are concerned. Using Goffman's theoretical underpinning, some of the more subtle clues regarding gender relations, gender stereotyping, and gender roles were explored. Over 1000 advertisements, selected from Good Housekeeping, Sports Illustrated, Time, MS, Gentlemen's Quarterly, and Rolling Stone were content analyzed using Goffman's decoding behavior methodology. The… 

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Orientation: The subject of gender portrayals in advertising continues to generate academicdiscussions in part because of its socialisation effects. Research purpose: The purpose of this study is to

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This chapter appears in a handbook of Language Gender and Sexuality due out in 2018/19. In the chapter Kirsten Kohrs and Rosalind Gill ask whether Erving Goffman's landmark study from the 1970s -



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In the February 1971 issue of the Journal of Marketing Research, Alice E. Courtney and Sarah W. Lockeretz analyzed the roles portrayed by women in magazine advertisements in general interest

A Woman's Place: An Analysis of the Roles Portrayed by Women in Magazine Advertisements

A Woman's Place: An Analysis of the Roles Portrayed by Women in Magazine Advertisements Alice E. Courtney and Sarah Wernick Lockeretz 92 Shopping Behavior, Expenditure Patterns, and Inner-City Food

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On analyse ici la face humaine sur 1750 photographies editees dans au moins 12 numeros de 5 periodiques americains en tenant compte du sexe

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Cette etude montre que, dans une discussion de groupe, le mode d'influence (normatif ou informatif) qui predomine depend du type d'objectif et que le degre de dominance est modere par la regle de