A computational model of cellular response to modulated radiation fields.

  title={A computational model of cellular response to modulated radiation fields.},
  author={Stephen J McMahon and Karl Terence Butterworth and Conor K Mcgarry and Colman Trainor and J. M. O'Sullivan and Alan Hounsell and Kevin M Prise},
  journal={International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics},
  volume={84 1},
PURPOSE To develop a model to describe the response of cell populations to spatially modulated radiation exposures of relevance to advanced radiotherapies. MATERIALS AND METHODS A Monte Carlo model of cellular radiation response was developed. This model incorporated damage from both direct radiation and intercellular communication including bystander signaling. The predictions of this model were compared to previously measured survival curves for a normal human fibroblast line (AGO1522) and… CONTINUE READING
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