A computational approach to profile generation of different shedding cams and an analysis of their kinematic characteristics

  title={A computational approach to profile generation of different shedding cams and an analysis of their kinematic characteristics},
  author={Anindya Ghosh},
  journal={Journal of Textile Engineering \& Fashion Technology},
  • Anindya Ghosh
  • Published 1 April 2019
  • Physics, Engineering
  • Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology
In this study a computational plotting of different types of shedding cam profiles has been endeavored Various shedding cams like linear simple harmonic parabolic cycloidal etc for designing plain and twill weave shave been considered A critical analysis on the kinematic characteristics for different types of cams suggests that the simple harmonic and cycloidal cams outperform parabolic and linear cams for high speed weaving 
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