A comprehensive view of the Virgo stellar stream

  title={A comprehensive view of the Virgo stellar stream},
  author={Sonia Duffau and Anna Katherina Vivas and Robert Zinn and Rene Mendez and Mar'ia Teresa Ruiz},
  • Sonia Duffau, Anna Katherina Vivas, +2 authors Mar'ia Teresa Ruiz
  • Published 2014
  • Physics
  • Radial velocities and metallicities have been measured for 82 RR Lyrae identified by the QUEST survey in the direction of the Virgo constellation. Distributed over 90 sq. deg. of the sky, they lie from 4 to 23 kpc from the Sun. Using an algorithm for finding groups in phase space and modeling the smooth halo component in the region, we identified the 5 most significant RRLS groups. We have examined the SEKBO and the Catalina catalog of RRLS (Prior et al. 2009, and Drake et al. 2013), as well as… CONTINUE READING

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