A comprehensive study in triblock copolymer membrane interaction.

  title={A comprehensive study in triblock copolymer membrane interaction.},
  author={Ga{\"e}lle Pembouong and Nelly Morellet and Teresa E. Kral and Martin Hof and Daniel Scherman and M F Bureau and Nathalie Mignet},
  journal={Journal of controlled release : official journal of the Controlled Release Society},
  volume={151 1},
Poloxamers are triblock copolymers made of poly(ethylene glycol)-(poly(propylene glycol))-poly(ethylene glycol). They have been shown to enhance gene transfer in the muscle, and co-administration of polymers and DNA appeared to be crucial to obtain this effect. It is questionable then if some interaction occurs between polymers and DNA. Polymer interaction with membranes represents a second crucial point due to the central hydrophobic part of the triblock copolymers. Besides, the question of… CONTINUE READING


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