A comprehensive review on water-emulsified diesel fuel: chemistry, engine performance and exhaust emissions

  title={A comprehensive review on water-emulsified diesel fuel: chemistry, engine performance and exhaust emissions},
  author={Amit Jhalani and Dilip Sharma and Shyam Lal Soni and Pushpendra Kumar Sharma and Sumit Sharma},
  journal={Environmental Science and Pollution Research},
Increasing environmental concern, human health and the continuous upgradation in the stringent standards of vehicular emissions have shown much interest in cleaner diesel fuels. Out of various strategies to mitigate the diesel engine emissions, use of water blended diesel in the form of emulsion has grabbed sufficient attention of the fuel research community. Various researches have shown that water-emulsified diesel has sufficient potential to improve the engine performance simultaneously with… Expand
Use of diesel and emulsified diesel in CI engine: A comparative analysis of engine characteristics
The comparative analysis showed that the emulsified diesel can significantly reduce the emission of NOx and smoke, but it has a negative impact on the performance characteristics and HC, CO, and noise emissions which can be mitigated by trying more fuels variations such as biodiesel and using different water injection methods to decrease dependency on fossil fuels and improve the environmental impacts of CI engines. Expand
Compatibility test in a CI engine using lemon peel oil and water emulsion as fuel
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Abstract Apart from the various emission reduction strategies, a novel concept of cow-urine emulsification in diesel has been explored in this study. In India, cow urine is easily and readilyExpand
Effects of silicon dioxide nanoparticles on the performance and emission features at different injection timings using water diesel emulsified fuel
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Impact of the Application of Fuel and Water Emulsion on CO and NOx Emission and Fuel Consumption in a Miniature Gas Turbine
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Recent progress on mixing technology for water-emulsion fuel: A review
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Characterization of the hydroxy fueled compression ignition engine under dual fuel mode: Experimental and numerical simulation
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Water/Heavy Fuel Oil Emulsion Production, Characterization and Combustion
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The role of water-in-diesel emulsion and its additives on diesel engine performance and emission levels: A retrospective review
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Study of performance and emission characteristics of IC engines by using diesel–water emulsion
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Effect of water/fuel emulsions and a cerium-based combustion improver additive on HD and LD diesel exhaust emissions.
There is a strong potential for reductions in PM emissions from current diesel engines by optimizing the fuel composition, as indicated by the presented data. Expand
Effect of emulsion fuel on engine emissions–A review
Abstract Emulsion fuel is an unconventional fuel for diesel engines, which can be used without modifications in the engine. The benefits of an emulsion fuel include lowering the emissions of nitrogenExpand
Characterization of light duty Diesel engine pollutant emissions using water-emulsified fuel
In this work, the effect of water‐oil emulsions on the engine performance and on the main pollutant emissions, NOx, total hydrocarbons (THC), soot, particulate matter (PM) and its composition, wasExpand
Engine performance using emulsified diesel fuel
Abstract Emulsions of diesel and water are often promoted as being able to overcome the difficulty of simultaneously reducing emissions of both oxidises of nitrogen (NO x ) and particulate matterExpand
  • 2013
Oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) are the main pollutants from diesel engines. Diesel-water emulsion, as alternative fuel, has potential to significantly reduce the formation ofExpand
Impacts of additives on performance and emission characteristics of diesel engines during steady state operation
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