A comprehensive phylogeny of birds (Aves) using targeted next-generation DNA sequencing

  title={A comprehensive phylogeny of birds (Aves) using targeted next-generation DNA sequencing},
  author={Richard O. Prum and Jacob S. Berv and A. Dornburg and D. Field and J. Townsend and E. Lemmon and A. Lemmon},
  • Richard O. Prum, Jacob S. Berv, +4 authors A. Lemmon
  • Published 2015
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Nature
  • Although reconstruction of the phylogeny of living birds has progressed tremendously in the last decade, the evolutionary history of Neoaves—a clade that encompasses nearly all living bird species—remains the greatest unresolved challenge in dinosaur systematics. Here we investigate avian phylogeny with an unprecedented scale of data: >390,000 bases of genomic sequence data from each of 198 species of living birds, representing all major avian lineages, and two crocodilian outgroups. Sequence… CONTINUE READING
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