A comprehensive model of positional and stereo control in lipoxygenases.

  title={A comprehensive model of positional and stereo control in lipoxygenases.},
  author={Gianguido Coffa and Claus Schneider and Alan R. Brash},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={338 1},
The lipoxygenase gene family can synthesize an array of chiral hydroperoxy derivatives from polyunsaturated fatty acids. An individual enzyme, however, reacts molecular oxygen on a single position on the carbon chain and in a single stereo configuration. Regiospecificity is regulated by the orientation and depth of substrate entry into the active site. Stereospecificity is a different issue and only recently has experimental support emerged to explain the conceptual basis of stereo control. A… CONTINUE READING

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