A comprehensive map of genetic variation in the world’s largest ethnic group - Han Chinese

  title={A comprehensive map of genetic variation in the world’s largest ethnic group - Han Chinese},
  author={Charleston W. K. Chiang and S. Mangul and C. Robles and Warren W Kretzschmar and N. Cai and K. Kendler and Sriram Sankararam and J. Flint},
  • Charleston W. K. Chiang, S. Mangul, +5 authors J. Flint
  • Published 2017
  • Geography, Biology
  • bioRxiv
  • As are most non-European populations around the globe, the Han Chinese are relatively understudied in population and medical genetics studies. From low-coverage whole-genome sequencing of 11,670 Han Chinese women we present a catalog of 25,057,223 variants, including 548,401 novel variants that are seen at least 10 times in our dataset. Individuals from our study come from 19 out of 22 provinces across China, allowing us to study population structure, genetic ancestry, and local adaptation in… CONTINUE READING
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