A comprehensive cardiovascular waveform analysis program for IBM-compatible personal computers.


Computerized cardiovascular waveform processing has become a necessary and fundamental tool in the analysis of physiologic data. The availability of numerous commercial data-analysis programs has significantly enhanced the efficiency of waveform analysis. Many such programs come with their own programming language, which enables the researcher to create an application program suited to a specific series of calculations. Once written, an application program can significantly increase the efficiency with which data from a specific experiment can be analyzed. However, creating or modifying a program for each new experimental protocol can be time-consuming, especially in the error-detection and verification stages. Single-purpose programs also prove somewhat inflexible to unexpected changes in experimental formats. These problems suggested the need for a more flexible program, but one that is nevertheless specifically suited to the analysis of cardiovascular signals. This need led to the development of a program designed in collaboration with surgeons and physiologists. This program addresses some important analysis problems in cardiovascular research, and allows the user to survey and manipulate cardiovascular waveforms in an intuitive and spontaneous manner.

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