A compost heating solution for a greenhouse in north-eastern Poland in fall

  title={A compost heating solution for a greenhouse in north-eastern Poland in fall},
  author={M. Neugebauer and Joanna Hałacz and T. Olkowski},
  journal={Journal of Cleaner Production},
Abstract Biological waste generated by households, including the organic fraction of municipal solid waste and garden green waste, is collected by municipal services and processed. These operations require additional energy carriers, such as fuel for waste transport. This study proposes a method for on-site composing of household waste in line with the zero waste strategy. The largest amount of heat is generated in the thermophilic phase of the composting process, and in the proposed method… Expand
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The use of biological waste as a source of low-temperature heat for hotbeds in spring in north-eastern Poland.
  • M. Neugebauer
  • Medicine, Environmental Science
  • Journal of environmental management
  • 2018
A method for using biological waste, including kitchen waste and garden waste, as a substrate for hotbeds is proposed, which minimizes the quantity of biological waste collected from households. Expand
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