A compliant, underactuated hand for robust manipulation

  title={A compliant, underactuated hand for robust manipulation},
  author={Lael Odhner and Leif P. Jentoft and Mark R. Claffee and Nick Corson and Yaroslav Tenzer and Raymond R. Ma and Martin Buehler and Robert C. Kohout and Robert D. Howe and Aaron M. Dollar},
  journal={The International Journal of Robotics Research},
  pages={736 - 752}
This paper introduces the iRobot-Harvard-Yale (iHY) Hand, an underactuated hand driven by five actuators that is capable of performing a wide range of grasping and in-hand repositioning tasks. This hand was designed to address the need for a durable, inexpensive, moderately dexterous hand suitable for use on mobile robots. The primary focus of this paper will be on the novel simplified design of the iHY Hand, which was developed by choosing a set of target tasks around which the hand was… 

Stable, open-loop precision manipulation with underactuated hands

The fact that not only can this class of hands be utilized for precision manipulation, but also that the reduction of the number of actuators and constraints can make within-hand manipulation easier to implement and control is discussed.

Towards Predictable Precision Manipulation of Unknown Objects with Underactuated Fingers

This paper describes a new concept in underactuated hand design, motivated by a study of parallel mechanisms. Inspired by the end-effector motion and system reconfiguration in parallel wrists, we

In-hand manipulation with a novel reconfigurable robotic hand

  • C. Nelson
  • Engineering
    Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science
  • 2022
One of the hallmarks of a dexterous robotic hand is the ability to perform in-hand manipulation (i.e., without re-grasping). In the field of robotic hand design, however, there are competing

Design of a Super Underactuated Dexterous Robotic Hand

A novel super underactuated robotic hand that uses just one motor and has three cooperative fingers with two phalanxes per finger that could be used as an end-effecter of humanoid robots is presented.

A novel type of compliant and underactuated robotic hand for dexterous grasping

RBO Hand 2 is presented, a highly compliant, underactuated, robust, and dexterous anthropomorphic hand that is inexpensive to manufacture and the morphology can easily be adapted to specific applications, and it is demonstrated that complex grasping behavior can be achieved with relatively simple control.

Design of a Underactuated Robotic Hand with Three Articulated Fingers

An intelligent flexible hand with eight degrees of freedom is developed which reconfigures itself in real time to achieve a grasp with different shaped target objects. It has three articulated

A Dexterous Soft Robotic Hand for Delicate In-Hand Manipulation

The design of a prototype hand with dexterous soft fingers capable of moving objects within the hand using several basic motion primitives is discussed and a simple, heuristic finger gait is examined which enables continuous object rotation for a wide variety of object shapes and sizes.

An underactuated hand for efficient finger-gaiting-based dexterous manipulation

  • R. MaA. Dollar
  • Engineering
    2014 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics (ROBIO 2014)
  • 2014
A minimalist, four-finger hand comprised of two pairs of tendon-driven, underactuated fingers decoupled by an independent, central, rotating axis is presented, capable of a unique set of dexterous manipulation primitives, including finger-gaiting and precision manipulation.

Mechanism design of underactuated robotic hand

In this paper, we designed a new underactuated multi-finger robotic hand. First, we designed the number of fingers, the layout and the driving method. And then, we built the static force model of the

Systematic object-invariant in-hand manipulation via reconfigurable underactuation: Introducing the RUTH gripper

We introduce a reconfigurable underactuated robot hand able to perform systematic prehensile in-hand manipulations regardless of object size or shape. The hand utilizes a two-degree-of-freedom



Dexterous manipulation with underactuated elastic hands

  • L. OdhnerA. Dollar
  • Engineering
    2011 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation
  • 2011
In this paper we show that it is possible to design underactuated robot hands capable of performing dexterous manipulation tasks, despite the fact that the motion of an underactuated hand is not

Open-Loop Precision Grasping With Underactuated Hands Inspired by a Human Manipulation Strategy

The flip-and-pinch task is introduced, in which the hand picks up a thin object by flipping it into a stable configuration between two fingers, to suggest that the advantages of underactuated, adaptive robot hands can be carried over from basic grasping tasks to more dexterous tasks.

Implementation and control of the Velvet Fingers: A dexterous gripper with active surfaces

The prototype of the Velvet Fingers smart gripper is presented, a novel concept of end-effector combining the simple mechanics and control of under-actuated devices together with high manipulation possibilities, usually offered only by dexterous robotic hands.

Varying spring preloads to select grasp strategies in an adaptive hand

An underactuated hand mechanism that is able to adopt a wide range of grasp types by varying the internal forces in its fingers is described, which affects the grasp stability and stiffness for large and small objects.

Experiments in Underactuated In-Hand Manipulation

Underactuated robotic hands can stably grasp and manipulate objects placed between the fingertips and are shown to be manipulable over a range of in-hand configurations that can be predicted analytically.

Underactuated hands: Fundamentals, performance analysis and design

There is an emerging need to apply adaptive robotic hands to substitute humans in dangerous, laborious, or monotonous work. The state-of-the-art robotic hands cannot fulfill this need, because they

Selectively compliant underactuated hand for mobile manipulation

This paper presents the design of one such hand that combines series-elastic actuation and electrostatic braking at the joints, and a numerical analysis shows how the maximum pullout force varies as a function of kinematic parameters, spring forces at the joint and brake torques.

Mechanical design of a new pneumatically driven underactuated hand

A new pneumatically driven underactuated hand with two fingers and 3 phalanxes per finger is presented, it enables the hand to perform fine pinch grasps and the intriguing ejection phenomenon is avoided thanks to non-backdrivable mechanisms that prohibit any backward motion of phalanx when correctly positioned.

Hands for dexterous manipulation and robust grasping: a difficult road toward simplicity

  • A. Bicchi
  • Computer Science
    IEEE Trans. Robotics Autom.
  • 2000
An attempt at summarizing the evolution and the state of the art in the field of robot hands is made and arguments are presented in favor of a -minimalistic" attitude in the design of hands for practical applications.

Graspar: a flexible, easily controllable robotic hand

This work discusses how the pulley diameters for the tendoning system were chosen by maximizing the workspace of the fingers while mechanically insuring that the hand cannot collide with itself, and presents the mechanical structure of the robotic hand and the antagonistic tendoned system.