A completeness theorem for Kleene algebras and the algebra of regular events

  title={A completeness theorem for Kleene algebras and the algebra of regular events},
  author={Dexter Kozen},
  journal={[1991] Proceedings Sixth Annual IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science},
  • D. Kozen
  • Published 15 July 1991
  • Mathematics
  • [1991] Proceedings Sixth Annual IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science
A finitary axiomatization of the algebra of regular events involving only equations and equational implications that is sound for all interpretations over Kleene algebras is given. Axioms for Kleene algebra are presented, and some basic consequences are derived. Matrices over a Kleene algebra are considered. The notion of an automaton over an arbitrary Kleen algebra is defined and used to derive the classical results of the theory of finite automata as a result of the axioms. The completeness… 


This paper presents an axiomatization of Kleene algebras and a proof that they do, in fact, describe the behavior of regular expressions and finds that n× n matrices over a Kleene algebra are also a KleENE algebra.

Omega Algebras and Regular Equations

A weak variant of omega algebra, where one of the usual star induction axioms is absent, is studied in the context of recursive regular equations, which yields a sound and complete axiomatisation in which the "regular" axiOMs are weaker than Kleene algebra.

A Complete Axiomatisation of a Fragment of Language Algebra

This work provides a complete set of axioms for the equational theory of these algebras of languages over the signature of reversible Kleene lattices, that is the regular operations together with intersection and mirror image.

A Completeness Theorem fro Nondeterministic Kleene Algebras

The main result is that an algebra obtained from a suitable category of labelled trees plays the same role as the algebra of regular events.

Hypotheses in kleene algebra

Kleene algebra (an Horn axiomatization of Kleene's algebra of regular events) has proved to be an eeective tool for reasoning about programs. Within the algebra, we can reason succinctly about both

Kleene Algebra with Tests: Completeness and Decidability

The completeness of the equational theory of Kleene algebras with tests and *-continuous Kleene algebra with tests over language-theoretic and relational models is proved.

Myhill-Nerode Relations on Automatic Systems and the Completeness of Kleene Algebra

  • D. Kozen
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • 2001
The Brzozowski derivative on an algebra of polynomials over a Kleene algebra gives rise to a triangular automatic system that can be solved using Myhill-Nerode relations and provides an alternative method for proving the completeness of Kleenegebra.

Regular Algebras

This work uses Isabelle/HOL for a detailed systematic study of regular algebras given by Boffa, Conway, Kozen and Salomaa, and formalises a soundness proof for the smallest class and obtains completeness of the largest one relative to a deep result by Krob.

Completeness results for omega-regular algebras