A completeness theorem for Kleene algebras and the algebra of regular events

  title={A completeness theorem for Kleene algebras and the algebra of regular events},
  author={Dexter Kozen},
  journal={[1991] Proceedings Sixth Annual IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science},
  • D. Kozen
  • Published 1991
  • Computer Science
  • [1991] Proceedings Sixth Annual IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science
A finitary axiomatization of the algebra of regular events involving only equations and equational implications that is sound for all interpretations over Kleene algebras is given. Axioms for Kleene algebra are presented, and some basic consequences are derived. Matrices over a Kleene algebra are considered. The notion of an automaton over an arbitrary Kleen algebra is defined and used to derive the classical results of the theory of finite automata as a result of the axioms. The completeness… Expand
The Complexity of Kleene Algebra with Tests
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This article investigates under which conditions calculi that are sound and complete with respect to behavioral equivalence can be extended to a coarser coalgebraic language equivalence, which arises from a generalized powerset construction that determinizes coalgebras. Expand
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Kleene modules and linear languages
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  • J. Log. Algebraic Methods Program.
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The simultaneous linear fixed-point operator μ on languages can be reduced to iteration * on R and the scalar product :. Expand
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An Infinitary Sequent System for the Equational Theory of *-continuous Action Lattices
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  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Fundam. Informaticae
  • 2007
The cut-elimination theorem is proved and it is shown that ACT$_ω$ is $Π^0_1$, whence, by a result of Buszkowski [1], it is complete. Expand
The Algebraic Approach I: The Algebraization of the Chomsky Hierarchy
This work embodying the Chomsky hierarchy, itself, within an infinite complete lattice of algebras that ranges from dioids to quantales, and includes many of the forms of KleeneAlgebra that have been considered in the literature. Expand