A complete solution to the Equichordal Point Problem of Fujiwara , Blaschke , Rothe and Weizenb ockMarek

  title={A complete solution to the Equichordal Point Problem of Fujiwara , Blaschke , Rothe and Weizenb ockMarek},
  author={Reinhard Rychlik},
The Equichordal Point Problem can be formulated in simple geometric terms. If C is a Jordan curve on the plane and P; Q 2 C then the segment PQ is called a chord of the curve C. A point inside the curve is called equichordal if every two chords through this point have the same length. The question was whether there exists a curve with two distinct equichordal points O 1 and O 2. The problem was posed by Fujiwara in 1916 and independently by Blaschke, Rothe and Weizenbb ock in 1917, and since… CONTINUE READING

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