A complete phylogeny of the whales, dolphins and even‐toed hoofed mammals (Cetartiodactyla)

  title={A complete phylogeny of the whales, dolphins and even‐toed hoofed mammals (Cetartiodactyla)},
  author={S. Price and O. R. Bininda-Emonds and J. L. Gittleman},
  journal={Biological Reviews},
  • S. Price, O. R. Bininda-Emonds, J. L. Gittleman
  • Published 2005
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Biological Reviews
  • Despite the biological and economic importance of the Cetartiodactyla, the phylogeny of this clade remains controversial. Using the supertree approach of matrix representation with parsimony, we present the first phylogeny to include all 290 extant species of the Cetacea (whales and dolphins) and Artiodactyla (even‐toed hoofed mammals). At the family‐level, the supertree is fully resolved. For example, the relationships among the Ruminantia appear as (((Cervidae, Moschidae) Bovidae) (Giraffidae… CONTINUE READING
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