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A comparison study of the commutation methods for the three-phase permanent magnet brushless DC motor

  title={A comparison study of the commutation methods for the three-phase permanent magnet brushless DC motor},
  author={Shiyoung Lee and T. H. Lemley and Gene Keohane},
The three-phase permanent magnet brushless dc (BLDC) motor inherently needs an electronic commutation circuit to drive it because it is not a self-commutating motor. It is contrary to the conventional brush motor which commutates itself. This paper presents a comparison study of three widely used different commutation methods in terms of the complexity of the commutation circuit, torque ripple, and efficiency. The principle of the operation of the three-phase BLDC motor is introduced first and… 
Approaching the Ideal BLDC Motor: A Novel Electronic Speed Controller System for a Generator-Converted BLDC Motor with Field Weakening Feature
A novel approach to an ideal BLDC implementation through novel electronic speed controller with rotor field control in addition to normal standard motor power control is proposed.
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Position and Speed Estimation for BLDC Motors Using Fourier-Series Regression
A novel technique is presented to estimate both of these values simultaneously by sensing the stray magnetic field of the internal permanent magnets of the motor by introducing two different multidimensional regression models based on the Fourier series.
Software Based Programmable IGBT IPM Dead-Time Insertion Module Using 16-bit Micro Controller for BLDC Motor Control Application with 3-Phase Sinusoidal and Trapezoidal Drive
This paper proposed a low-cost alternative to address the requirement by implementing a software based dead time functionality using the low cost 16-bit micro controller board with capability of serving up sinusoidal drive as well as trapezoidal drive for motor control application.
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Space robot equipped with compliant linear actuator on end effector: simulations results
  • P. Palma, K. Seweryn
  • Engineering
    Symposium on Photonics Applications in Astronomy, Communications, Industry, and High-Energy Physics Experiments (WILGA)
  • 2019
A simulated robot manipulator with a controller capable of path following in 2D free floating conditions is equipped with a single axis translational joint between the end effector and a simulated gripper tool based on an electromagnetic linear actuator intended for dealing with contact and maintenance between the manipulator and an inert target object.


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The principle of vector control of electrical drives is based on the control of both the magnitude and the phase of each phase current and voltage. For as long as this type of control considers the
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The various applications of the three-phase permanent magnet brushless dc motor (PMBDCM) in the industry are increasing. The main purpose of this paper is to describe the application of a new
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MC73110 Advanced 3-Phase Motor Control IC Product Manual
  • Revision 2.2, March 2007.
  • 2007
PMSM Vector Control with Single-Shunt Current-Sensing Using MC56F8013/23 – Design Reference Manual
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MC73110 Advanced 3-Phase Motor Control IC Product Manual
  • MC73110 Advanced 3-Phase Motor Control IC Product Manual
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Motor Control Algorithms
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What is 'Field Oriented Control' and what good is it
  • What is 'Field Oriented Control' and what good is it
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