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A comparison of two frameworks for business model ideation

  title={A comparison of two frameworks for business model ideation},
  author={Maximilian Bengtsson and Eirik Holm Hansen},


Conceptualising Business Models: Definitions, Frameworks and Classifications
The main contributions of this paper are explicitly including the customer value concept in the business model definition and focussing on value creation, and suggesting to use business model archetype research for the empirical exploration and testing of business model elements and their relationships.
The Business Model: Recent Developments and Future Research
This article provides a broad and multifaceted review of the received literature on business models in which the authors examine the business model concept through multiple subject-matter lenses. The
Business Model Generation: A handbook for visionaries, game changers and challengers
Business Model Generation is a handbook for visionaries, game changers, and challengers striving to defy outmoded business models and design tomorrow's enterprises. If your organization needs to
Idea Generation and the Quality of the Best Idea
It is found that groups organized in the hybrid structure are able to generate more ideas, to generate better ideas, and to better discern the quality of the ideas they generate.
What Is a Strategy
This chapter distils the “what”: what were the main messages of the 2003 ESS and how do these relate to the key points of the 2016 EUGS ? It dissects the EUGS analysing not simply the content, its
Why Business Model Innovation Is the New Competitive Advantage
IntroductionMichael Porter, a relatively unknown face at Harvard Business School during 1985, published a book, Competitive Advantage. The book highlighted that companies have to optimize their value
Identifying Quality, Novel, and Creative Ideas: Constructs and Scales for Idea Evaluation
A method for evaluating ideas with regard to four dimensions—novelty, workability, relevance, and specificity—and has identified two measurable sub-dimensions for each of the four main dimensions is described.
Towards a unified perspective
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