A comparison of methods used in root canal sealability studies.

  title={A comparison of methods used in root canal sealability studies.},
  author={I R Matloff and Jos{\'e} Ricardo Jensen and Leon Singer and A Tabibi},
  journal={Oral surgery, oral medicine, and oral pathology},
  volume={53 2},
The purpose of the study was to compare several methods that have been used to assess marginal leakage of root canal fillings. Sixty-three extracted, single-rooted teeth were instrumented and filled in a standardized manner. Teeth were randomly divided into groups of twenty and exposed to solutions containing methylene blue dye, calcium-45, carbon-14-labeled urea, and iodine-125-labeled albumin for 48 hours to compare the degree of leakage indicated by each technique. Methylene blue dye was… CONTINUE READING

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