A comparison of fetal biometric ratios to neonatal morphometrics.

  title={A comparison of fetal biometric ratios to neonatal morphometrics.},
  author={Darrell Hays and Rita M. Patterson},
  journal={Journal of ultrasound in medicine : official journal of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine},
  volume={6 2},
Ratios of fetal abdominal circumference to femur length (AC/FL) and thigh circumference to femur length (TC/FL) have been suggested as indices of fetal nutrition. Birthweight, skin-fold thickness, and ponderal index are accepted neonatal indices of nutrition. The purpose of this study was to compare fetal to neonatal indices of nutrition. In 52 patients in term labor, fetal abdominal circumference, thigh circumference, and femur length were measured ultrasonographically. Neonatal skin-fold… CONTINUE READING

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