A comparison of eubacterial and archaeal structure-specific 5'-exonucleases.

  title={A comparison of eubacterial and archaeal structure-specific 5'-exonucleases.},
  author={Michael W. Kaiser and Natasha Lyamicheva and W P Ma and Carl B. Miller and Bruce P. Neri and Lance Fors and Victor I. Lyamichev},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={274 30},
The 5'-exonuclease domains of the DNA polymerase I proteins of Eubacteria and the FEN1 proteins of Eukarya and Archaea are members of a family of structure-specific 5'-exonucleases with similar function but limited sequence similarity. Their physiological role is to remove the displaced 5' strands created by DNA polymerase during displacement synthesis, thereby creating a substrate for DNA ligase. In this paper, we define the substrate requirements for the 5'-exonuclease enzymes from Thermus… CONTINUE READING

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