A comparative study on the effect of Pandughnivati and Dhatrilauhavati in the management of Garbhinipandu (Iron Deficiency Anemia)


The desire to have a healthy progeny is innate and very intense in every livingbeing. The hectic life and tremendous stress in daily life has made the conception and continuation of pregnancy till term very difficult. Anemia is one of the common disease conditions, which affects a pregnant woman. In Ayurvedic classics anemia in pregnancy is taken under the Rasa Pradoshajavikara. It is clear that Garbhavasthajanyapandu occurs due to the fetal demands and improper functioning of the Rasadhatu leading to malnourishment of the body. A total of 26 patients were registered from out-patient department of Streeroga and Prasutitantra, out of which four patients discontinued. The remaining 22 patients were randomly divided into two groups; Group A (n-12) Pandughnivati two tablets of 500 mg tds and Group B (n-10) Dhatrilauhavati one tablet of 500 mg tds. Dhatrilauhavati was selected for the present study due to its Pandughna, Prinana, Raktaprasadana properties. In the present study, Pandughnivati a compound formulation developed by AYUSH department was administered for patients of group A. The results revealed that the over all clinical improvement was better in patients of Group B when compared to Group A. Hence it was concluded that Dhatrilauhavati was effective in treating anemia during pregnancy.

DOI: 10.4103/0974-8520.123120