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A comparative study of two uterine torsion correction methods in parturient cows

  title={A comparative study of two uterine torsion correction methods in parturient cows},
  author={Tao Bai and Thirumalai Diraviyam and Zhaoxiang Zhou and Zhihui Jiang and Xiaoying Zhang},
________________________________________________________________________________________ BAi, T., T. DirAviyAm, Z. X. Zhou, Z. h. JiAng, X. y. ZhAng: A comparative study of two uterine torsion correction methods in parturient cows. vet. arhiv 86, 787-793, 2016. ABSTrACT Uterine torsion is a common form of dystocia in cattle often associated with an oversized fetus. Cows are considered to be more susceptible to this condition than other domestic animals. On the basis of our current clinical… Expand

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