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A comparative study of the characteristics of

  title={A comparative study of the characteristics of},
  author={Maria del Rocio Teruel and Michael Gordon and Mar{\'i}a Bel{\'e}n Linares and Mar{\'i}a Dolores Paredes Garrido and Keshavan Niranjan},
Air frying is being projected as an alternative to deep fat frying for producing 28 snacks such as French Fries. In air frying, the raw potato sections are essentially heated in hot 29 air containing fine oil droplets, which dehydrates the potato and attempts to impart the 30 characteristics of traditionally produced French fries, but with a substantially lower level of fat 31 absorbed in the product. The aim of this research is to compare: 1) the process dynamics of air 32 frying with… CONTINUE READING

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