A comparative study of central and distributed MPPT architectures for megawatt utility and large scale commercial photovoltaic plants

  title={A comparative study of central and distributed MPPT architectures for megawatt utility and large scale commercial photovoltaic plants},
  author={A. Elasser and M. Agamy and J. Sabate and R. Steigerwald and R. Fisher and M. Harfman-Todorovic},
  journal={IECON 2010 - 36th Annual Conference on IEEE Industrial Electronics Society},
In this paper different distributed PV architectures are studied from an energy yield perspective. These distributed architectures are applied to massively paralleled thin film plants employing high voltage PV modules, mc-Si plants with long series strings of low voltage modules and plants with medium voltage thin film modules in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the distributed architecture in each case. The effects of partial shading, module mismatch and cable losses are quantified in… Expand

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