A comparative study of Pt/γ-Al2O3, Au/α-Fe2O3 and CuO–CeO2 catalysts for the selective oxidation of carbon monoxide in excess hydrogen

  title={A comparative study of Pt/$\gamma$-Al2O3, Au/$\alpha$-Fe2O3 and CuO–CeO2 catalysts for the selective oxidation of carbon monoxide in excess hydrogen},
  author={George Avgouropoulos and Theophilos Ioannides and Ch. Papadopoulou and Jurka Batista and Stanko Hocevar and Haralambos K. Matralis},
  journal={Catalysis Today},

Bimetallic Au-Cu/CeO2 catalyst: Synthesis, structure, and catalytic properties in the CO preferential oxidation

The preparation of bimetallic Au-Cu catalysts via the decomposition of the double complex salt [Au(en)2]2[Cu(C2O4)2]3 · 8H2O is considered. It is found that this method of preparation allows us to

Selective oxidation of CO in the presence of H2, H2O and CO2 utilising Au/α-Fe2O3 catalysts for use in fuel cells

Au/Fe2O3 catalysts prepared using co-precipitation are described and discussed for the preferential oxidation of CO in the presence of H2, H2O and CO2. A catalyst prepared using a two-stage



Kinetic study of the CO oxidation over Pt/γ-Al2O3 and Pt/Rh/CeO2/γ-Al2O3 in the presence of H2O and CO2

The oxidation of CO by O2was studied for a Pt/γ-Al2O3catalyst and for a commercially available Pt/Rh/CeO2/γ-Al2O3three-way catalyst. Kinetic experiments were carried out in an isothermal fixed-bed

Selective Oxidation of CO, over Supported Au Catalysts

Abstract The selective oxidation of CO on Au/Al 2 O 3 and Au/MO x /Al 2 O 3 (M=Mg, Mn) in the presence of H 2 was studied. The addition of MgO and MnO x improves the CO oxidation activity and

Kinetics of the Selective Low-Temperature Oxidation of CO in H2-Rich Gas over Au/α-Fe2O3

The selective CO oxidation (also referred to as PROX) on a Au/α-Fe2O3catalyst in simulated reformer gas (low concentrations of CO and O2, 75 kPa H2, balance N2) at atmospheric pressure was

Kinetics of the Selective CO Oxidation in H2-Rich Gas on Pt/Al2O3☆

Abstract The selective CO oxidation reaction on Pt/γ-Al2O3insimulated reformer gas (75% H2; the rest is N2) was investigated over a wide range of CO concentrations (0.02–1.5%)at low stoichiometric

Carbon Monoxide Removal from Hydrogen-Rich Fuel Cell Feedstreams by Selective Catalytic Oxidation

Indirect methanol fuel cells currently being investigated at General Motors for transportation applications require removal of carbon monoxide from the hydrogen-rich gas stream produced by the fuel

A molecular beam study of the catalytic oxidation of CO on a Pt(111) surface

The oxidation of carbon monoxide catalyzed by Pt(111) was studied in ultrahigh vacuum using reactive molecular beam–surface scattering. Under all conditions studied, the reaction follows a