A comparative analysis of Maximum Power Point techniques for photovoltaic system


The latest improvement in the application of PV system is because they generate electric power without affecting the nature by directly changing the solar isolation to electric power. At no time solar radiation remains fixed. It keeps on changing during daytime. The demand is to supply a fixed voltage to the load regardless of change in temperature and solar radiation. In this paper we demonstrated a model which generates fixed and boost up dc voltage to the load. This paper will be commenced by the basic understanding of the overall system, different circuits used in its design and the reason for choosing such circuits. As the output of the PV array is unregulated due to change in different parameters so as to increase this voltage, boost converter is used here. The duty cycle of DC-DC converter is controlled by using different MPPT techniques - P&O, Fuzzy Logic and Modified Fuzzy Logic. After this the final model is simulated by using MATLAB/SIMULINK and different output waveforms are analyzed for different parameters used.

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