A community‐derived classification for extant lycophytes and ferns

  title={A community‐derived classification for extant lycophytes and ferns},
  author={E. Schuettpelz and H. Schneider and A. R. Smith and Peter Hovenkamp and J. Prado and Germinal Rouhan and A. Salino and Michael Sundue and T. Almeida and B. Parris and E. Sessa and A. R. Field and A. L. Gasper and C. Rothfels and M. D. Windham and M. Lehnert and Benjamin Dauphin and A. Ebihara and Samuli Lehtonen and P. Schwartsburd and J. Metzgar and L. Zhang and Li-Yaung Kuo and P. J. Brownsey and M. Kato and M. D. Arana and F. C. Assis and Michael S. Barker and D. Barrington and Ho-Ming Chang and Y. Chang and Yi-Shan Chao and Chengwei Chen and De-Kui Chen and W. Chiou and V. Dittrich and Y. Duan and J. Dubuisson and D. Farrar and S. Fawcett and J. M. Gal{\'a}n and L. A. D. A. G{\'o}es-Neto and J. Grant and Amanda L. Grusz and C. Haufler and W. D. Hauk and H. He and Sabine Hennequin and Regina Y. Hirai and L. Huiet and M. Kessler and Petra Korall and Paulo H. Labiak and A. Larsson and B. Le{\'o}n and C. Li and Fay-Wei Li and Melanie A. Link-P{\'e}rez and Hongmei Liu and Ngan Thi Lu and E. I. Meza-Torres and Xinyuan Miao and R. Moran and C. M. Mynssen and N. Nagalingum and B. {\O}llgaard and A. Paul and Jovani B. S. Pereira and L. Perrie and M. Ponce and T. Ranker and C. Schulz and Wataru Shinohara and A. Shmakov and Erin M. Sigel and Filipe Soares de Souza and L. S. Sylvestre and Weston L Testo and Luz Amparo Triana-Moreno and Chie Tsutsumi and H. Tuomisto and Iv{\'a}n A. Valdespino and A. Vasco and Raquel Stauffer Viveros and A. Weakley and Ran Wei and Stina Weststrand and P. G. Wolf and G. Yatskievych and Xiaogang Xu and Yuehong Yan and X. Zhang and Xin‐Mao Zhou},
  journal={Journal of Systematics and Evolution},
  • E. Schuettpelz, H. Schneider, +91 authors Xin‐Mao Zhou
  • Published 2016
  • Biology
  • Journal of Systematics and Evolution
  • Phylogeny has long informed pteridophyte classification. As our ability to infer evolutionary trees has improved, classifications aimed at recognizing natural groups have become increasingly predictive and stable. Here, we provide a modern, comprehensive classification for lycophytes and ferns, down to the genus level, utilizing a community‐based approach. We use monophyly as the primary criterion for the recognition of taxa, but also aim to preserve existing taxa and circumscriptions that are… CONTINUE READING
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