A combined experimental/numerical study on the scaling of impact strength and toughness in composite laminates for ballistic applications

  title={A combined experimental/numerical study on the scaling of impact strength and toughness in composite laminates for ballistic applications},
  author={Stefano Signetti and Federico Bosia and Seunghwa Ryu and Nicola Maria Pugno},
  journal={Composites Part B: Engineering},
Abstract In this paper, the impact behaviour of composite laminates is investigated, and their potential for ballistic protection assessed, as a function of the reinforcing materials and structures for three representative fibre-reinforced epoxy systems involving carbon, glass, or para-aramid fibre reinforcements, respectively. A multiscale coupled experimental/numerical study on the composite material properties is performed, starting from single fibre, to fibre bundles (yarns), to single… 
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