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A cohomological study of modified Rota-Baxter algebras

  title={A cohomological study of modified Rota-Baxter algebras},
  author={Apurba Kumar Das},
  • A. Das
  • Published 5 July 2022
  • Mathematics
A modified Rota-Baxter algebra is an algebra equipped with an operator that satisfies the modified Yang-Baxter equation. In this paper, we define the cohomology of a modified Rota-Baxter algebra with coefficients in a suitable bimodule. We relate our cohomology of a modified Rota-Baxter algebra with the known cohomology theory of a Rota-Baxter algebra. As applications of our cohomology, we study formal one-parameter deformations and abelian extensions of modified Rota-Baxter algebras. 



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