A cochlear model using feed-forward outer-hair-cell forces.

  title={A cochlear model using feed-forward outer-hair-cell forces.},
  author={C. Daniel Geisler and Chao Sang},
  journal={Hearing research},
  volume={86 1-2},
A linear (frequency-domain) model of the cat cochlea (implemented in both 1- and 2-dimensional versions) has been developed which uses outer hair cell (OHC) forces in a geometry which includes the longitudinal (base-to-apex) tilt of the outer hair cells (OHCs). When positive (contractile) real OHC force-constants are used, very large (50 + dB) response peaks along with very rapidly accumulating phase lags (which can reach -50 pi radians) are obtained. The wider the longitudinal segmentation… CONTINUE READING
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