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A cloud robotics architecture for an emergency management and monitoring service in a smart cityenvironment

  title={A cloud robotics architecture for an emergency management and monitoring service in a smart cityenvironment},
  author={G. Ermacora and A. Toma and B. Bona and M. Chiaberge and Mario Silvagni and M. Gaspardone and R. Antonini},
  booktitle={IROS 2013},
Cloud robotics is revolutionizing not only the robotics industry but also the ICT world, giving robots more storage and computing capacity, opening new scenarios that blend the physical to the digital world. In this vision new IT architectures are required to manage robots, retrieve data from them and create services to interact with users. In this paper a possible implementation of a cloud robotics architecture for the interaction between users and UAVs is described. Using the latter as… Expand

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