A cloud platform for QoE evaluation: QoXcloud

  title={A cloud platform for QoE evaluation: QoXcloud},
  author={Eduardo Saiz and Eva Ibarrola and Leire Cristobo and Ianire Taboada},
  journal={Proceedings of the 2014 ITU kaleidoscope academic conference: Living in a converged world - Impossible without standards?},
  • Eduardo Saiz, Eva Ibarrola, I. Taboada
  • Published 3 June 2014
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of the 2014 ITU kaleidoscope academic conference: Living in a converged world - Impossible without standards?
The current financial situation, together with the new market conditions, has led to major changes in the ICT sector over the last few years. Many of the services that were once only offered by operators are now being provided by third parties through the cloud. This situation has promoted new business models against the traditional ones. Furthermore, these economic changes have conducted to socio-cultural transformations with great impact on the user's behaviors. In this paper a cloud platform… 

A Scientometric Analysis of Cloud Computing and QoE Literature to Design a Cloud Platform of Experience for Digital Business

Analyzing the current state of the art, this work provides some guidelines to Digital Business companies for addressing the issues related to QoE that have to be taken into account in order to maximize their business.

A Taxonomy of Quality Metrics for Cloud Services

A systematic literature review of existing quality of service (QoS) metrics in the cloud computing domain revealed that most metrics evaluate quality attributes related to performance efficiency and that there is a need for metrics that evaluate other characteristics, such as security and compatibility.

Protocol-agnostic method for monitoring interactivity time in remote desktop services

A methodology for the quantification of interactivity based on the measurement of the time elapsed between user interactions and the associated responses to demonstrate the importance of the location of virtualisation infrastructure and the types of protocols used by remote desktop services.



QOXPHERE: A new QoS framework for future networks

A new and integrated QoS model (QoXphere) is presented that is spherical, adaptive and multi-layered and necessary to assure the successful development of this sector.

QoX: What is it really?

While provisioning of QoS, CoS, GoS, and QoR is related to various aspects of networking and network performance, QoE describes resulting service features as perceived by the customer and Relations between those intrinsic network features and resulting human-experienced quality are discussed.

QoS–Aware Clouds

The design and experimental evaluation of a middleware architecture that enables Service Level Agreement (SLA)-driven dynamic configuration, management and optimization of cloud resources and services is discussed.

LabQoS: A platform for network test environments

This paper proposes the deployment of a network software platform for experimentation called LabQoS that will allow the scientific community to establish scientific experiments relating to measure

Resource allocation in a network-based cloud computing environment: design challenges

External and internal factors that affect the performance of resource allocation models are introduced in this article and design challenges are discussed with the aim of providing a reference to be used when designing a comprehensive energy-aware resource allocation model for cloud computing data centers.

A Service-Oriented Qos-Assured and Multi-Agent Cloud Computing Architecture

A new Service-Oriented QOS-Assured cloud computing architecture which include physical device and virtual resource layer, cloud service provision layer, and cloud service management and multi-agent layer to support QOS - Assured cloud service service provision and request is proposed.

Quality of perception to quality of service mapping using a dynamically reconfigurable communication system

  • G. GhineaJ.P. ThomasR. Fish
  • Computer Science
    Seamless Interconnection for Universal Services. Global Telecommunications Conference. GLOBECOM'99. (Cat. No.99CH37042)
  • 1999
An innovative approach for providing end-to-end quality of service (QoS) guarantees in a distributed multimedia setting and a proof of concept implementation based on the Dynamically Reconfigurable Protocol Stacks project show that such applications can be used to improve QoP, especially in the case of dynamic and complex sequences.

Assessing Network Service Profitability: Modeling From Market Science Perspective

This paper derives a generalized forecasting model that projects service profitability from the underlying network service infrastructure and the subscriber population, and shows how such approach captures key factors and trends influencing service profitability and how it can significantly improve current network planning and upgrade processes.

QoSmeter: Generic quality of service measurement infrastructure

  • IFIP Networking 2006, workshop 'Towards the QoS Internet' (To-QoS'2006), Coimbra, Portugal, 2006.
  • 2006

STMWeb ” , A 1 Telekom Austria AG

  • STMWeb ” . A 1 Telekom Austria AG . Marzo
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