A clinical trial of hyperalimentation in children with metastatic malignancies.

  title={A clinical trial of hyperalimentation in children with metastatic malignancies.},
  author={Jan van Eys and Edward M. Copeland and Ayten Kayi Cangir and Gabrielle Taylor and B Teitell-Cohen and Paul H Carter and Cecilia Ort{\'i}z},
  journal={Medical and pediatric oncology},
  volume={8 1},
In a controlled, randomized prospective clinical trial the utility of intravenous hyperalimentation (IVH) in the administration of and tolerance to chemotherapy was tested. The conclusions reached were 1) IVH is safe with a tolerable infection rate; 2) infectious complications correlate significantly with the nutritional status of the patient, with the presence of IVH being only a secondary factor; 3) IVH may be used to rehabilitate patients nutritionally, even those on intensive chemotherapy… CONTINUE READING

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