A clinical evaluation of extrinsic stain removal: a rotation-oscillation power toothbrush versus a dental prophylaxis.

  title={A clinical evaluation of extrinsic stain removal: a rotation-oscillation power toothbrush versus a dental prophylaxis.},
  author={G. Ter{\'e}zhalmy and P. Walters and R. Bartizek and J. Grender and A. Biesbrock},
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AIM To assess extrinsic stain removal efficacy of a power toothbrush and a dental prophylaxis followed by the use of a standardized American Dental Association (ADA) reference manual toothbrush. METHODS AND MATERIALS This was a randomized, positive-controlled, examiner-blind, parallel group, two-week study. A Lobene stain examination was performed at baseline. Subjects were randomized to one of two treatment groups: Group 1: Oral-B Vitality Pro White power toothbrush or Group 2: Subjects… Expand
Safety and Efficacy of a Novel Toothbrush Utilizing RF Energy for Teeth Shade Whitening and the Reduction of Teeth Stains
Methods: This was a single-blind double arm prospective study, including 4 clinical visits that were conducted every two weeks. Subjects were randomized to one of two study groups, receiving eitherExpand
Combined effects of electric toothbrushing and dentifrice on artificial stain removal: An in vitro study
The combination of electric toothbrushing and dentif Rice removed the artificial stain more effectively than brushing without dentifrice, however, the stain removal was limited. Expand
Whitening dentifrice and tooth surface discoloration—a systematic review and meta‐analysis
Nearly all dentifrices that are specifically formulated for tooth whitening were shown to have a beneficial effect in reducing ETD, irrespective of whether or not a chemical discoloration agent was added. Expand
Safety of oscillating-rotating powered brushes compared to manual toothbrushes: a systematic review.
A large body of published research in the preceding 2 decades has consistently shown oscillating-rotating Toothbrushes to be safe compared to manual toothbrushes, demonstrating that these power toothbrushed do not pose a clinically relevant concern to hard or soft tissues. Expand
A Critical Review of Modern Concepts for Teeth Whitening
In-office bleaching using peroxides is effective, but side effects like tooth sensitivity or a damage of the natural organic matrix of enamel and dentin may occur. Expand
The three microhybrid composites used in this study showed variable color stability upon exposure to a coffee solution, and the color stability of Spectrum TPH was inferior to that of Denfil and Filtek Z250. Expand
The Clinical Efficacy of A Probiotic Miswak Oral Spray in Patients with Gingivitis
Aim: to compare the use of Miswak probiotic spray against using each individually in gingivitis patients. Methods and Results: A total of 80 patients with chronic gingivitis were randomly dividedExpand
Fibre in Fruit


Tooth whitening through the removal of extrinsic stain with a power toothbrush: results of four randomized, examiner blind, positive controlled clinical studies.
The results of four independent studies conducted to examine tooth whitening through the removal of extrinsic stain with power toothbrushes support that the prototype power toothbrush removal at least as well as the positive control toothbrush across these four studies. Expand
Efficacy of a novel brush head in the comparison of two power toothbrushes on removal of plaque and naturally occurring extrinsic stain.
The oscillating/rotating/pulsating PC 7000 (fitted with either the standard EB17 or novel EB-Prophy brush head) is more effective at removal of plaque and naturally occurring extrinsic tooth stain, and the PC 7000 plus EB- prophy in the improvement of tooth shade, than the high-frequency SE toothbrush. Expand
The effectiveness of two different battery-powered toothbrushes on whitening through removal of stain.
In conclusion, both the experimental prototype powered toothbrush and the commercially availablepowered toothbrush were effective in removing extrinsic tooth stain. Expand
The effect of an oscillating/rotating electric toothbrush and a sonic toothbrush on removal of stain from enamel surfaces.
It is concluded that extrinsic stain removal with the Sonicare toothbrush is similar to that achieved with a manual brush, but that stain removal is significantly more effective with the Braun Oral-B Plaque Remover. Expand
The effect of an oscillating/rotating electric toothbrush and a sonic toothbrush on removal of stain from enamel surfaces.
This laboratory investigation compared the Sonicare toothbrush, the Braun Oral-B Plaque Remover and a manual brush, in terms of removal of stained pellicle from the surface of enamel specimens.Expand
Clinical response of three direct-to-consumer whitening products: strips, paint-on gel, and dentifrice.
Between-group comparisons demonstrated significant and improved whitening for the strip treatment compared with the whitening dentifrice or paint-on peroxide gel, as evidenced by the more than 2-unit improvement in delta b* at week 3. Expand
A randomized clinical trial comparing a novel 5.3% hydrogen peroxide whitening strip to 10%, 15%, and 20% carbamide peroxide tray-based bleaching systems.
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In this first comparative evaluation vs marketed controls, use of the whitening strips twice daily for 14 days yielded a highly significant improvement in tooth color vs baseline, and there was a reasonable dose relationship for the primary end point, delta b*,. Expand
Extrinsic whitening effects of sodium hexametaphosphate--a review including a dentifrice with stabilized stannous fluoride.
This article reviews published clinical and laboratory data demonstrating sodium hexametaphosphate's extrinsic whitening benefits in all three formulations. Expand
A novel oscillating-rotating power toothbrush with SmartGuide: designed for enhanced performance and compliance.
A review of common power toothbrush technologies with a focus on the oscillating-rotating motion used in a novel toothbrush is provided; features to drive compliance such as the "SmartGuide" innovation are described; and steps to motivate patients to adopt a power Toothbrush as part of their home care regimen are recommended. Expand
Effect of dentifrices on tooth stains with controlled brushing.
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The cleansing properties of dentifrices were investigated by use of a newly devised technic for the assessment of tooth stains.