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A class of smooth, possibly data-adaptive nonparametric copula estimators containing the empirical beta copula

  title={A class of smooth, possibly data-adaptive nonparametric copula estimators containing the empirical beta copula},
  author={Ivan Kojadinovic and Bingqing Yi},
A broad class of smooth, possibly data-adaptive nonparametric copula estimators that contains empirical Bernstein copulas introduced by Sancetta and Satchell (and thus the empirical beta copula proposed by Segers, Sibuya and Tsukahara) is studied. Within this class, a subclass of estimators that depend on a scalar parameter determining the amount of marginal smoothing and a functional parameter controlling the shape of the smoothing region is specifically considered. Empirical investigations of… 

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  • Computer Science
  • 2008
The author aims to introduce a Bayesian approach for developing efficient and rigorous statistical methodologies in SEMs and applying them to practical problems, and the Bayesian development presented in this book should be attractive to any serious researcher using SEMs.

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