A class of quasi-linear equations in coframe gravity


We have shown recently that the gravity field phenomena can be described by a traceless part of the wave-type field equation. This is an essentially non-Einsteinian gravity model. It has an exact sphericallysymmetric static solution, that yields to the Yilmaz-Rosen metric. This metric is very close to the Schwarzchild metric. The wave-type field equation can not be derived from a suitable variational principle by free variations, as it was shown by Hehl and his collaborates. In the present work we are seeking for another field equation having the same exact spherically-symmetric static solution. The differentialgeometric structure on the manifold endowed with a smooth orthonormal coframe field is described by the scalar objects of anholonomity and its exterior derivative. We construct a list of the first and second order SO(1, 3)-covariants (oneand two-indexed quantities) and a quasi-linear field equation with free parameters. We fix a part of the parameters by a condition that the field equation is satisfied by a quasi-conformal coframe with a harmonic conformal function.Thus we obtain a wide class of field equations with a solution that yields the Majumdar-Papapetrou metric and, in particularly, the Yilmaz-Rosen metric, that is viable in the framework of three classical tests. ∗ email itin@sunset.ma.huji.ac.il 1

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