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A class of prime fusion categories of dimension $2^N$

  title={A class of prime fusion categories of dimension \$2^N\$},
  author={Jingcheng Dong and Sonia Natale and Hua Sun},
  journal={arXiv: Quantum Algebra},
We study a class of strictly weakly integral fusion categories $\mathfrak{I}_{N, \zeta}$, where $N \geq 1$ is a natural number and $\zeta$ is a $2^N$th root of unity, that we call $N$-Ising fusion categories. An $N$-Ising fusion category has Frobenius-Perron dimension $2^{N+1}$ and is a graded extension of a pointed fusion category of rank 2 by the cyclic group of order $\mathbb Z_{2^N}$. We show that every braided $N$-Ising fusion category is prime and also that there exists a slightly… 

On slightly degenerate fusion categories

  • Z. Yu
  • Mathematics
    Journal of Algebra
  • 2020

Weakly integral fusion categories of low dimensions

In this paper, we prove that fusion categories of FrobeniusPerron dimensions 84 and 90 are either solvable or group-theoretical. Together with the results in the literature, we obtain that every

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On slightly degenerate fusion categories

  • Z. Yu
  • Mathematics
    Journal of Algebra
  • 2020

On fusion categories

Using a variety of methods developed in the literature (in particular, the theory of weak Hopf algebras), we prove a number of general results about fusion categories in characteristic zero. We show

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A group-category is an additively semisimple category with a monoidal product structure in which the simple objects are invertible. For example in the category of representations of a group,

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The goal of this paper is to classify fusion categories C which are ⊗ -generated by an object X of Frobenius–Perron dimension less than 2, with the additional mild assumption that the adjoint